When you are moving abroad for a short term vacation of two months, you wonder where to place your things safely, you can think of your friends and neighbor house to rent, But there is a better option to keep your belongings safe is a pack rat storage container.The last minute pack up is a big headache and it could be avoided by following moving on checklist. If you are going to vacate your home here is the check list. Place a notification to the house owner as early as possible, Update the change of address with, insurance providers, banks and other things you are into. Then contact the insurance providers to make necessary changes, clean all the storage areas like cupboards and cabinets and shelves. Complete the carpet cleaning, floor cleaning etc... clean the light fixtures, Kitchen appliances, And bathrooms.Check through the list once again and make sure that the proprietor has the new address to communicate you. If you are net savvy, Then you can find the check list in the moving blog. The check list varies for different purpose and different people and it is very useful while migrating from one place to another.The check list changes for he kids as they have to be prepared both physically and mentally.Get your friends contact information and store it as this is vital for children, pick the old toys and clothes that you will not use and offer it to the charity organizations.There are many moving tips online and you can make use of it.